“The diocese and parish are very pleased to see the Town Hall being redeveloped as a community facility, available to people of all interests and ages.”

Fr. Denis Carney

"Our goal is to put a state-of-the-art cultural centre in place, right here in the heart of Westport town,
that will serve locals and visitors alike, with special emphasis on the performing and visual arts"

Noel Kavanagh, Chairperson of the Restoration Committee

“The Town Hall project is another fine example of the close working relationship that exists in Westport between the voluntary and statutory bodies. Our local authorities will give all the support they can to the project.”

Peter Hynes, Town Manager and Director of Services

“We know we are appealing to people for financial support at a very difficult time, but the Town Hall is a project that will belong to the people when completed and we are confident of a positive response to our fund-raising campaign.”

Mel Kenny, Director of Fund-Raising Committee